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Dungeon Grand Prix $10.00 $8.00
Publisher: Orbital Intelligence LLC
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2023 13:18:13

Dungeon Grand Prix (44 pages) is an exciting fantasy funnel adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics, but I used A Dungeon Game (48 pages, free/pay what you want at DriveThruRPG)). I used The Dungeon Oracle (Bimler) as the solo engine. Shea and her three friends continued their adventures and they did recruit a dirt biker. The Bone-Tyrant hosted the event and the PCs were sponsored by Helen’s Healing Herbs. The PCs were taken to their go-karts and off they went. The first encounter was with three frog men (also in karts). Laney the PC ended up in the hospital after a crash. One enemy was killed in the hand to hand combat. One enemy kart flipped and one had a wild spinout. The second encounter was dark wizards (yes, in karts). One cast darkness which put the actor PC in the hospital after a crash. The other cast portal which put the burglar PC in the dark realm (with his go-kart). The PCs survived the kobold kart encounter. They then found a crate filled with slime-fruits. It was used to take out two kobold karts. They also found a emerald scarab crate which they used to take out a lizardman kart.

When the two PCs, which are still in the race, gas up, Shea is asked about her opinion on the Bone-Tyrant. She gave the right answer and is handed an invitation for a secret meeting for the next day. The next encounter was with a half-orc cart which was bigger. It had a copilot extra (inflatable) which enabled the enemy to jump into Tulak’s cart. Tulak crashed and went to the hospital. Shea then pretends to have engine trouble so that she is out of the race (and still alive). The next day, she visits the other three PCs at the hospital. Later, they all go to the secret meeting. It is there that they learn of the plan to infiltrate the fortress by hiding in boxes labeled go-kart parts. To be continued. Give this a try!

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Dungeon Grand Prix
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