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Blades in the Dark $20.00
Publisher: One Seven
by Lee S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/31/2022 12:55:09

I have always been hesistant to run a TTRPG before, because most systems seem like 3 to 4 giant tomes are needed to even have enough footing to begin. So, when I started reading Blades In The Dark, I was delighted by how smoothly the system felt designed to let me jump right in! I love the emphasis on rewarding actions with both mechanical and narrative results, rather than just numerical changes. Asking your players for rolls and what sort of roll they're trying to make, and using that to gauge how effective this tactic would be and setting the staes up with that took a little practice, but after a few sessions, it was so simple. It helps weigh out which approaches would be most and least likely to succeed, but leaves plenty of room for clever tricks to be rewarded/ I enjoy how it let my players relax into using more skills that they weren't super highly trained in, rather than just try to hammer the problem with the same answer over and over again. Very fun, kept things feeling fresh as we went along through various scores. For the setting side of things - Even a complete beginner like me has plenty of room to find a narrative spot or a fun few story idea threads and expand on them. The setting is sketched out in such crispness, and then when you dive in deeper, you can find an excellent amount of room to grown your own details onto the framework. I was confident about being able to make things up on the fly without worrying that it would contradict something else already established, it let my get the players excited about providing details about their characters' home countries and the city they were currently living in. And the clocks! A fantastic way to track as many (or few) things going on in the game as you might need. Public clocks to help keep the team's goals in mind, secret clocks to help track and problems they might accidentally be spawning; I felt so much more confident about being able to manage so many story elements at once, whenever the players' focus meandered around the city. I love this system so much. Huge fan, will absolutely be purchasing more Forged in the Dark games in the future.

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Blades in the Dark
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