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Art of Wuxia Core Rules $19.99 $9.99
Publisher: DwD Studios
by Eric S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/27/2022 10:43:35

Jim Alcala created the Art of Wuxia (pronounced roughly woo- sha) and is a d00Lite system game that is complete with cinematic kung fu action and play kung fu heroes in classic adventures ranging from defending their martial arts sects to traveling the lands as wandering kung fu fighting evil sorcerers, mad emperors, and more.

There is an amazing forward describing the understanding of Wuxia and heroic cinema and kung fu. If you have seen a ShawBrothers film (Wuxia) film you understand it.

This system and the way it lays out is quick and perfect for that feeling that is needed to feel like you are doing Kung Fu! Fast and stratigic! you don't have to be a insaine GM to play it! its quick and fun and creates a lot of imaginative play.

6 ranks of whatever skill you choose (Alchemist, Detective, Diviner, Leader, Mystic, Scholar, Scout, Sorcerer, Thief, and of course Warrior the classic kung fu skill that every has to a point trained or untrained) all of which you can have skills in as you advance. But there is more awesomesness. the game has a lot of ability to be flexable too.

Note: if you have questions DwD studios website is awesome for errata and questions. prefer a walkthrough? check out YouTube as there is some great interviews that can reveal how it can be played out! I personally would love to see a streaming show on this!

QI which is used to do heroic things such as float with a lightness, or use trained kung fu techniques.

Alchemy - there is a whole section on Alchemy for potions and antidoes. a trope in Wuxia is the posioning and explosives and medicines.

Spells - for the scorcerer.

Kung fu and its styles, training with QI and internal and external styles! don't see the type of kung fu you want to do? it includes how to make your own style.

want to do Spinning hat attack like Kung lao from Mortal Kombat? well, you can create that here. Like Big Trouble little China? or maybe Jackie Chan's Drunken master? crouching tiger, hidden dragon? all possible with this system.

“Terrific, a six-demon bag. Sensational. What’s in it, Egg?” yeah you can create a magic item with the system here and it comes witih premade magic items too. yes even the 6 demon bag!

Random generators - Technique name generator, adventure idea generator, random dungeon generation, traps and treasure generators, rewards generator, villian description generator, common names in Longzhi (campiegn setting)

NPCs - There are three levels of categories. Minor, Major, and Master villians. the tropes of the minor (mooks) who are gangs of attackers and the major whom is like the gang leader. think Double Dragon and the end of the scene where the big Abobo attacks at the end of the scene, that is the Major NPC. Minor NPC's don't have kung fu skills but as a unit under a boss they may have formations (tiger claw formation) that adds one. the Major NPC has skill and some more HP and of course has a look. as for the Master NPC that is a campiegn ending killer like the 'invincible asia' from the Swordsman II movie. Maybe not THAT powerful but you can create an amazing amount of powerful NPCS and PC's over time with Tiered 1-3 special abilities.

monsters? - you can add in the monsters if you want some fantacy in your Wuxia game. its there as well. with creatures to pick from as well.

there are a few pregeneratored Characters and NPC's as well.

So you want to learn Kung fu? get a Sifu (master or teacher). they can teach you a style. form there you can branch out and get other styles from manuals found or finding other teachers to teach different techniques so you can be a unique kung fu fighter/warrior.

Chun Wu 'thunder fist' of the Ascending Dragon Fist style yells his technique 'Red Iron Fist' (power attack) and hits like a hammer in his attack to " Major villian Tong Law the "Dancing shadow" who fails to block the powerful hit and staggers him. (camera zooms in) "you will not leave this fight alive Chun Wu!"

this is worth every penny! have fun with it!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Art of Wuxia Core Rules
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