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Wild Talents 2nd Edition
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Sean D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/19/2012 05:24:53

Wild Talents is one of the best task-resolution based superhero rpgs on the market today. It is set up to handle nearly any power. And with the skill rules in its Kerberos Club supplement, any skill as well. The base mechanic (known as the One Roll Engine) is decidedly simple. Roll a pool of 2 to 10 d10s, and look for dice with matching numbers. From this base a lot of nuance goes into how this one roll is interpreted in play.

Actually running the game does involve a steep learning curve. I've GM'd a half dozen sessions now, and still have issues now and again. Despite the flexibility available to characters, I have been sticking to simple power sets when creating NPCs. I recommend heartily to those who enjoy learning new game systems. If your group is reluctant to try new things, I would think twice before springing Wild Talents on them.

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Wild Talents 2nd Edition
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