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AL3: Through the Cotillion of Hours [DCC] $3.52 $3.51
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/13/2012 12:23:34

This is an adventure like no other, one that if done properly will live in your group's collective memory for years to come. So what is so unusual about it? For a start, it comes billed as being for any number of characters of any level.

The concept is quite simple. When the characters are asleep, their 'dream selves' awaken in the halls of a deity. There's a party going on, a cotillion or formal ball. But if they can find their way to the deity, Somnos the Dreaming God, they can ask a favour or boon. Simple, huh? And safe, seeing as they aren't really there...

As well as the characters, the dance is being attended by 'dream analogues' which are masked and costumed aspects of the characters themselves - perhaps the opposite gender, perhaps able to offer a word of wisdom or a prophecy about that character - and these bob in and out of existence in a random manner, dreamlike in its surreal nature.

Things - and spells - work differently too, although the characters have access to the items and knowledge that they have in the waking world. Life and death, as well: and although damage isn't real, being injured or killed in this dream world may have ramifications when (if?) the character awakens.

As well as rules for making all this wierdness happen, there is a floorplan and detailed notes of the dream world in which the Cotillion is being held. Study the descriptions carefully, they're designed to help you make this a truly odd and dreamlike experience for your players, never mind their characters! There are all manner of odd sights and strange events for them to negotiate... and the really neat thing? If you so choose, you can always use it again with the same characters later on in your campaign.

This is an original idea well-presented. Other adventures that I have read for various game systems have presented 'dream sequences' and indeed this works best as a dream dropped into an ongoing adventure or campaign, but this is a complete dream-based adventure in its own right, giving you a chance to take matters in a quite unexpected direction.

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AL3: Through the Cotillion of Hours [DCC]
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