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Publisher: Axian Spice
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/27/2022 21:06:34

For the past few days, I have soloed my way through Falkrest Abbey (44 pages, 50 cents, at the moment, at DriveThruRPG). This adventure is for Old-School Essentials, but I used the Chromatic Dungeons Basic Rules (85 pages, one buck, same place). I used Magic the Gathering cards along with a yes/no/maybe oracle as the solo engine. I used five player characters that were included in Chromatic and I created a cleric to join them. Here are the highlights of the adventure.

On the first day they wandered around the City of Ravnica to find a quest and hear rumors. On the second day, they left the city, found the Boros Legion Guild Castle, talked to some NPCs, and spent the night at Jora’s Last Inn. On the third day, they travelled through the Lune mountains (no encounters were rolled). At dusk they found the abbey. In no time at all they were in combat with three bandits and later an Icescale Viper. They also killed a flayed zombie and started acquiring loot. They also had to deal with a wight. The cleric turned him and they decided to go in a different direction. The cleric found some more undead to turn and they found an unstable room. In another room they found a skull circle and a portal. They destroyed the circle and the portal vanished (Oops!). Next, they found a ghost who sent them to kill the wight. So, now they had to go back to the wight. Raven the wizard damage him for two points of damage (his only spell – magic missle). At this point, they started talking to the wight. He says that he can help the PCs kill the ghost if they accept and complete a quest from the god of death. After the incantation, they get the quest – steal a silver goblet from the Shrine of Life (back at the city). They spend the night in the wight’s chamber.

On the fourth day they backtrack and spend the night at the inn. On the fifth day, Nasir the thief attempts to steal the silver goblet by himself. He gets caught, he is found guilty, and he is put in jail. The PCs decide that this is a bad sign. They give up on this quest. It is time to find a new one. They sell their loot in the city. The value of their loot is 943 gold pieces. All of the PCs survived!

Give this fun adventure a try!

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Falkrest Abbey
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