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AL 2: Sepulcher of the Mountain God [DCC] $3.26
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 08/20/2012 07:08:07

This adventure, despite forming part of the 'funnel' by which a mob of first-level characters is winnowed down to a manageable party, is epic in scope, pitting law against chaos as mere mortals are caught up in a strife between two gods! It starts with a Background, which sets the scene and is intended mostly for the GM's eyes - some may be presented as more general scene-setting and history if so desired - and this is followed by notes for the GM on how to get the characters involved. These are both varied and detailed, giving you a good few options to get the characters to the dungeon itself... although you will need to create any surroundings or adventures on the way there for yourself, if you want to do anything than jump straight in.

The dungeon itself - spread over two levels and with a nice mix of natural and man-made features - is well-described and populated with all manner of interesting things to discover and interesting creatures to fight. There is a slight tendency to have but a single way to proceed, which may not be obvious and with little hint given as to how characters are supposed to figure out what they ought to do, although leeway is given in a note to the effect that any other innovate use of magic might work (i.e. if the GM reckons it might!).

A neat touch is that the characters will be deep into the dungeon before one of the deities involved, in a fit of petulance at being disturbed, bestows both a curse and a quest on the hapless adventurers, this providing the impetus for the second part of the exploration, that of the lower level. This makes for an interesting dynamic, much more than "Here's a dungeon, explore it!"

Overall, this is a nicely-done adventure, well-resourced and pretty much ready to run. I spotted all of one spelling mistake and a tendency to select randomly whether to refer to a Judge, a GM or a DM; but these are minor quibbles and do not spoil the enjoyment of a well-constructed dungeon crawl. Now, where can I find some players...?

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AL 2: Sepulcher of the Mountain God [DCC]
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