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Hobomancer $14.99
Publisher: Hex Games
by mark k. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/30/2012 20:28:54

It's true that I'm a little biased when it comes to Hex Games products, since I know several staff members on a personal basis, and I've been running Hex Games events at conventions for several years now. Having said that, I picked up “Hobomancer” last week.

I know how much time and effort went into this product, and the meticulous nature of the background and research within the supplement shines bright. Hex Games has gone above and beyond in this project, and delivers a unique and interesting setting that is unlike anything else I've ever played. If you're like me, you have little understanding about hobos in general, but the rich detail of information about life on the rails in this supplement sets the player up perfectly to jump right into the world of Hobomancer. The Hex Games staff does a fantastic job of capturing “the spirit of the times” and blends it well with the fantastical magical world they've created. This is probably the deepest supplement the staff has completed to date, as it is full of information and goodies for players and G.M.s alike. Hobomancer has the unique quality of blending reality with fantasy just enough to make it plausible. If you're a fan of Hex Games, or just one of the masses looking for “something different” to play, Hobomancer is the supplement for you.

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