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Kill or Be Killed #1 $1.99
Publisher: Neuroglyph Games
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/13/2012 21:50:59

Kor-oggo-rok, the central threat in this single encounter for early paragon-tier D&D characters, is an interesting variation on the typical earth archon. Author Michael Evans has given not only Kor-oggo-rok but the encounter as a whole some distinctive features that add fun to this encounter and are worthy of emulation in other encounters. One of Evans’s best innovations is the inclusion of “taunts” that the DM can use as lines of dialogue each time Kor-oggo-rok uses a new power. On the “con” side, the formatting isn’t very attractive, and the grammar and style could use some help. Also, Kill or Be Killed seems to predate Monster Manual 3, so DMs using this encounter may want to update the “monster math” (actually, Neuroglyph Games should consider issuing an update to reflect MM3 power levels). Even if you end up not using Kor-oggo-rok at all, you can get a lot of good ideas from the way Evans has laid out this encounter.

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Kill or Be Killed #1
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