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Grunt - Roleplaying in the Vietnam War $6.99
Publisher: Zozer Games
by Antonio M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/08/2012 12:43:57

This game is one of the best historic rules books I have ever read. By far the best post WWI, pre-terrorism war game I've read. I know that's kind of a narrow area, but it still counts for something. This game has a nice and easy system that players, especially beginners, will enjoy. I also like how it groups the equipment and explains some of the rules. One final thing I liked about it is the stress factor. This makes war seem so real that your player, in some of the first attacks, will actually be scared out of his mine and hide, drop to the ground, panic, etc. This takes away the seasoned veteran attitude that most games have that when you're in your first combat, you basically can be the hero and are no different than your superior officers in that you have the same bravery and willingness to go into the fight and dominate. Now you can do that in this game if you're lucky, but most characters will panic and be scared like real people would in their first few combat situations. A few things I didn't like about this game is that, even though the equipment is nicely organized into groups, it doesn't have a ton of different specific weapons with different stats, it's just groups. Also, it's a simple system so it's not very in-depth. Those are the only two reasons why it didn't get 5 stars. I would definitely buy this game if you're looking for a fun war game, especially if you want one set in Vietnam. Honestly, I would just buy this system for the stress system itself because you can integrate that into other games you play to make it more realistic.

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Grunt - Roleplaying in the Vietnam War
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