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Five Torches Deep $10.00
Publisher: Sigil Stone Publishing
by Jonathan H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/27/2022 09:19:56

This title was highly recommended by the Dungeon Craft channel, and so I snagged it as I got back into RPGs after a decades-long hiatus. It has everything I needed, and this system actually explains many aspects of D&D I always had trouble with, like knowing how to track time and supplies (the Resilience and Exhaustion aspects are helpful too). It makes use of all the PC stats and attributes in clever ways -- in fact, each major attribute on the character sheet is tied directly to useful game mechanics -- and it keeps the rules light and succinct. The way it deals with spells and race/class is straightforward yet offers subclasses as PCs advance (my only criticism is that the THIEF class ought to be called the ROGUE class with THIEF as a subclass, since other subclasses include Bard or Assassin, and to me the umbrella term for all would be Rogue). I wanted a dungeon crawl system that got me back at the table quickly, and this one does that but it's well written, well conceived, and has great artwork.

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Five Torches Deep
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