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30 Things Can Happen $4.99
Publisher: Creative Mountain Games
by Robert M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/04/2012 14:31:11

This is the kind of product I love, tables that help me add elements to my games I would never think of on my own. Plus the author chose a nice selection of "open" art that almost always fits the section of tables it is inserted into, and the others are at least close. If you like to present opportunities to role play you will really like these tables, because most of these descriptions can drag an inquiring mind into a role play encounter that could be ran serious or even humorous. They can also easily turn into hooks for an off the cuff adventure scenario, or do some pre planning to turn them into planted hooks. If you love using tables to help inspire you, break those mental blocks, or to take even you as the GM in directions you don't know where they go, this is a PDF for you. Plus it gives your D30 purpose! Or if you don't own a D30 you can use the D6 and D10 method, which is made even easier because each Table is broken down into 3 sub tables of 10 items each. So roll the D6 to determine which of the 3 sub tables, then the D10 to get the specific result. I really feel you can't go wrong with this if you like using tables in the first place, and if you have never used tables before, this has a great chance of turning you into a fan of such products.

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30 Things Can Happen
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