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Kill Sector Core Rulebook $0.00
Publisher: Bahunga Worldwide
by Balrog B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/28/2022 17:10:48

So. Kill Sector! It's a fun little game. You can make anything you want, make them fight anything you want, and that's about it. Yeah. But! What is the best part of this here game, is the "actually playing it" part. Roleplay! Interact with goobers similar to you and their crazy-ass characters! And kick all kinds of asses with them, be they biological, mechanical, demonic, otherwordly, or what have you, your rust-inducing chainsaw arm and crudely-made sawn-off shotgun are rated E for Everyone. Heavy recommend you get it. I played it once and I had an absolute BLAST with it, and making my character (tall shark person with a fuckhuge scythe) was one of the highlights. Recommend it to your buddies also! It's extremely newbie friendly, and as such, there's no real need to worry about learning the rules because, as Noah themself said, "it's so easy that you'll learn them on the fly!" 10/10

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Kill Sector Core Rulebook
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