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Bearers of Jade: The Second Book of the Shadowlands $9.99
Publisher: EDGE Studio
by Pierre-Olivier B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/28/2012 10:04:31

I already own the L5R new 4th edition, and I was interested in more 'live' aspects from the Shadowlands ... so though it was from an older edition, I decided to buy this book.

I must say that the book is really what I was looking for ! I am really impressed by the material within it. The book gives you first-person perspectives, with multiple short stories and anecdotes on the shadowlands and its corruptive power, and also number stories on the courage, honor, successes and failures of those fighting it ... In summary, the book gives what is promised in the summary.

Note that this is a scanned book, but the quality of the scan is average to good and no part of the text/image is fuzzy.

So if you look for more on the Shadowlands, this is your book.

Please excuse my approximate english (a french native speaker)

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Bearers of Jade: The Second Book of the Shadowlands
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