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Teenagers from Outerspace
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Samuel T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/15/2012 17:26:06

As a former TFOS book owner (three different copies/editions!), I'm quite excited to see this game available in PDF format. The rules are simple, the setting is fun, and the game is pretty much self-contained.

Rules are quick and easy to learn, which is great for quick games, young, casual and non-gamer players (or a night when everyone is too brain-fried from life to deal with a crunchy game). You'll only need a couple of 6-sided dice for the game, and most rolls are d6 + stat + skill/modifiers (generally all low, single-digit numbers) versus some target number.

A very elegant way to combat players making teenage gods/goddesses in game is the "Overdoing it" mechanic. Exceed your target number by too much and you'll "over do it," resulting in unintended consequences as the player gets more than they bargained for. Its usually humorous (depending on the GM), and while better than a failure, is a subtle encouragement for players to diversify what their teenagers can do.

It is worth noting that players can't die, violence is more of the old cartoon variety, and generally the game is more fun and mischievous than anything else. In my experience it was fun for one-off games as well as short little multi-session adventures with players who had a good sense of humor about themselves and their characters. As such, its a nice little thing to have in your collection for nights when your normal game can't be played or the GM needs a break. The book does come with a fair number of adventure plots, so if you're good with improvising on the fly its almost pick up and play.

The PDF, so far as I can tell, is a scan and is not searchable. Thats not horrible at 130 pages, but I'd just as soon print it out than use it digitally. Also, this edition came out in the late 90's, so social media, online gaming, reality TV shows, and all the more modern stuff contemporary teens are into isn't really present, but putting it in won't be any problem for GMs or players. Should R Talsorian ever create a new edition to update some of the setting plus make a new, non-scanned PDF with all the trimmings, you can add one more star to my rating.

As is, however, the game is still fantastic, and a steal at the asking price.

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Teenagers from Outerspace
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