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7th Sea Core Rulebook (Second Edition) $24.99
Publisher: Chaosium
by Evan P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2021 15:51:29

The 2nd edition rulebook has brought me hours of joy! In fact, I came to love the game so much I was motivated to write adventures and supplements for it.

What I love about this book:

  • Character creation is easy, engaging, and fun
  • The core mechanics are explained very well, especially the player-facing one
  • The Nations are presented in a way that brings them to life, makes them feel unique, and inspires lots of plot hooks and campaign ideas
  • The basic character builds are easy, but the flourishes you can add with Backstory and Advantages allow for endless variety.

What didn't work as well for me:

  • Some of the GM-facing rules are hard to find in the text and hard to visualize
  • Similarly, a few more examples of mechanics in action would be helpful, especially around consequences, opportunities, and Dramatic Scenes in general.

Anyway, the game's been out long enough that I can enthusiastically recommend it. My group and I got a lot of good play from this game, with more to come! I hope you'll try it too.

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7th Sea Core Rulebook (Second Edition)
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