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Field of Screams $2.99
Publisher: Chaosium
by Starsky S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/27/2021 04:17:59

This game is a delight! Right off the bat (pun intended), shining a light on the Negro Leagues and Womens Leagues of the 1920s is so refreshing. A lot of time and care has gone into the pregens and just reading the character sheets was entertaining. The character art by Evlyn Moreau is such a great choice for the Pulp. Obviously no spoilers but you'll have an amazing time in this unique setting. We have some terrifying art by Kathryn Jenkins which honestly could be framed. The adventure is laid in such a way that it is fantastic for new Keepers as well. In fact, if you are a new GM to Pulp Cthulhu, I would say this is a must buy. I'll end by saying Al is crazy for selling this for $1; buy now before the madman changes his mind!

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Field of Screams
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