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Sprawlrunners $6.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Martin B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/23/2021 20:51:44

This book provides excellent, near future, cyberpunk rules to augment your Savage Worlds game. Although Sprawlrunners mirrors Shadowrun in a lot of ways, the content of this book is just as flexible as you want it to be. Want Trolls and Elves? Sure. Straight tech no Tolkien? Still works great! Pink mohawks, mirror shades, black coats - whatever your flavor, it works, and it keeps it fast, furious, and fun! The author even put in two ways to run the net - Fast Lane and Slow Burn - to determine how detailed you want hacking to be (see also, how much game time do you really want to devote to the decker).

My favorite part is that the author makes the mind-blowingly bold choice to do away with "money makes you awesome." When I first encountered that in his thoughtful preface, I was like "nope - not going to work." But it does! Almost every cyberpunk/sci-fi game is rooted in "you have to make money to buy equipment/cyberware." That's antithetical to Savage Worlds (accounting is not fast, furious, or fun), and it's actually not in keeping with the themes of cyberpunk fiction - Nuyen/Credits/Eddies - they are straight up mcguffins as far as cyberpunk stories should go - that big score that never quite works out. Instead, he uses a really simple mechanic to handle general gear as well as using a similar mechanic (that relies on edges) to handle cyberware. You get an allotment of "stuff" to gear up as needed, but you don't have to be a CPA to track it. Want chrome? Take edges and get chipped, swapping it out as the job needs it. Just a brilliantly simple mechanic to handle that part of the story! That sort of gear mechanic is not unique to this game, but the author's version is done exceptionally well.

The bang for the buck is fantastic (and there's official VTT options out there). It's not a setting book per se - you won't get 100+ pages of fluff to bloat the size of the book, giving you a pseudo history of the next 60 years and the names of 2-dozen corporations. Instead, you get the framework to tell your stories of the sprawl.

If I have a criticism, it is that I want more! I would love some archetypes, more extras, a plot-point campaign, more gear, more cyber, etc. I would especially like to see more edges for two of the core runner types: hackers and jockeys (think decks and rigs). Reminder - this is a five star review, and I'm not saying the book is incomplete at all. All you need is the SWADE core rule book and this to run the shadows/sprawl. If you are interested in running a cyberpunk game with Savage Worlds, I highly recommend this book.

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