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Cyberpunk RED $30.00
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Michael B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/14/2021 00:08:09

Incredible game system. I'm having so much fun running this game for my friends. We used to play 5E before this. Safe to say that we're now firmly a Cyberpunk RED table. It's presentation is easy to digest. While certain parts of the book may feel redundant, specifically some tables are repeated, to me, it helps to have the tables easily accessible as relevent to the topic where they are discussed.

While some may criticize that weapon categories are too "streamlined", compared to 2020, I see it as a benefit for my players who are learning the system. It is incredibly friendly for GM's and players to manage. For those looking for the nuance of 2020, you can always use the "old guns" conversion DLC to bring those elements to your CPR game from the Blackhands weapon guide. Also through the Tech role, literally almost anything is possible as far as weapons creation, making endless possibilites for your players, item wise. You're only capped by your imagination and the availability of resources that your GM allows you, if you really need something that isn't already covered without being redundant. Not to mention, R. Talsorian is consistently supporting the game with new item DLC since its release.

The system is incredibly adaptable to whatever playstyle or home brew you may want to bring to your game. If you're a 5E player looking to cross from nice cute fantasy into realistic sci fi, with Rainbow 6 level tactical gunfights, and brutal melee combat where every hit point matters and theres no magical healing spells to bail your PC's out of bad decisions; if have no experience with cyberpunk and you may have been intimidated by 2020 rules, but always wanted to try it; if 2077 intrigued you before its release, and want you want to bring that energy to tabletop; if Cyberpunk 2020 was fun to you but nowadays feels antiquated compared to newer game systems; this is the game for you! I really see this game growing in popularity as more and more people discover it, especially, as R.Talsorian is continuously releasing new DLC and expanding what's possible for your players to do. Try it!

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Cyberpunk RED
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