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Star Trek Adventures IDW Year Five Tie-In PDF $4.99
Publisher: Modiphius
by kristine y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/11/2021 22:05:33

This product is 26 pages covering the events from the year 5 comic series produced by IDW. The time frame is classic trek in the main timeline.
included is a new faction for the federation -the originalists. the product gives some details on the political views and movements in the federation at this time. The second faction is Aegis-a overmind being tied in to the charcter Gary 7 from a classic trek episode. To help understand and use Aegis I would recommend watching the episode with Gary 7. Several new lifepaths are availaible: I'qosa-Aqautic species Iotians-from classic trek episode where everything was based on the gnags of 20th century Chicago and what happened after that episode. Tholians-also from a classic trek episode. New NPCS: Gary 7 and Isis Henry Mudd and celia Starfleet admiral Konaxi Surak of Vulcan Several different Tholians Ships: USS Thessus-not sure what class I'qosa ships couple of Tholian ships. Overall I liked this supplement. I liked the updates on the Iotians and Tholians. I disliked Aegis. The idea of galactic overmind seems overused with star trek discovery. The Tholian info and ships are an excellent addition to the game. For these reasons I think this is worth five bucks for the Tholian, and Iotian information.

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Star Trek Adventures IDW Year Five Tie-In PDF
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