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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition $19.99 $9.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Daniel C. d. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/29/2021 09:51:38

Savage Worlds is my new RPG system of choice! I have been playing RPGs for many years and reached a point in which I am honestly tired of learning new systems. I do think the diversity of rule systems out there is amazing, however, as a GM I want to invest my time in preping a really nice story for my players instead of learning the basics of an RPG. SWADE let's me learn one set of rules and visit many different scenarios! That is fantastic and it is why I chose Savage Worlds as the RPG I will be GMing for a while now (hopefully for many years!). The only drawback of this product is that I recommend it for people that have already some experience with RPGs.

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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
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