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Cepheus Deluxe $9.99
Publisher: Stellagama Publishing
by Gerald M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/16/2021 13:07:12

Cepheus Deluxe is fabulous!

This game has taken concepts aspects and multiple optional rules and combined them in a new edition. New character generation systems, life events, character traits, animal rules.This game can be used as an addition tio the Cepheus Light rules or as a stand alone rule set. The artwok is gritty simple and old school. I like this game and its layout. I also very much like the fact it is so compatible with the original Cepheus Light system. You can tell a whole lot of heart and passion was put into this edition. Also The price!!! You have a complete game for a very affordable price compared to some of the other over priced game system printing companies. I love this system it is the same 2D6 engine as other more pricey Sci Fi versions. I highly recommend Cepehus Deluxe but I would play it with Cepheus Light and decide which systems and home rules you want to apply at you table. Most excellent game and great value

G Miller.

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Cepheus Deluxe
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