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Iskandar City Sourcebook 5E $4.95
Publisher: M.T. Black Games
by Russ B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/16/2021 09:32:57

I have been a fan of M.T. Black's for some time. I appreciate the approach of quality over quantity in his work. This setting book is no different. Iskandar gives you a city and everything you need to run it in just under 100 pages. The book clocks in at 112, but the tables are gracefully reprinted in the back of the book for ease of reference. Each area of the city is presented in a uniform manner with important NPC's, areas, and shops at the ready. Nothing drags on here as everything is covered about a topic in 2 or so paragraphs for the most part.

This is a city you could have up and ready to go in about an hour of reading/skiming the book if you are in a bind. I love the "plug-and-play" aspect here. Included are additional races and class options to bring more options to your campaign, but I will admit I didn't spend too much time on this section as I grafting this city into my own campaign setting rather than adopting the one presented in this book.

My only critique here is the map of the city, but the author clearly states that production costs were purposefully kept low in order to provide the book as most cost-effective as possible. The map does present each section of the city in a readable fashion, but there is little distinction between each quarter.

Overall this is a GREAT city setting book from a great author and I am excited to see more!

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Iskandar City Sourcebook 5E
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