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Cyberpunk RED $30.00
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Marcus L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/12/2021 15:41:17

As rules goes, it's a streamlined experience over 2020. However I feel that with this streamlining, there's a lot of charm that's been lost to the setting and the general feel of the game. 2020 had a lot of personality as games go, and RED plays it a bit too safe and shallow with things. It has a lot of major advantages over 2020, of course, one of the main ones being the new Netrunning system. Now it actually feels viable for a Netrunner to join a group and not just hang back or even be an NPC for the group. After testing out the system with some friends, the Netrunner had as much active ability during a fight as the Solo protecting them while they broke into a computer network.

The setting is somewhat all over the place. Partly, it feels like it wants to really dig into the Post-Apocalyptic feel of the Time of the Red, with night markets and bazaars but at the same time, there are still clinics that can gladly install new cyberware for you. Some interesting things has happened in the lore since the year 2020, of course, but for bridging the gap between 2020 and the 2077 game, it feels lacking. In my mentioned group, we pushed things ahead and played a few years prior to 2077 and still had a great time.

Overall, I like RED, and would recommend it, but it's so close to being great rather than just good. Still a great purchase, and at $30 it's a steal.

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Cyberpunk RED
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