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The Sinking: Ascension of the Prophet $1.99 $1.19
Publisher: 0one Games
by Dark M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/25/2011 13:47:20

The Sinking: Ascension of the Prophet by 0one Games

This product is 16 pages long. It starts with a cover, credits, ToC, and OGL. (4 pages)

Adventure (10 pages) This is season 1, part 5 of the adventure. It is for 2nd level characters. It starts off with a intro, plot overview and starting of the adventure. It starts off with a bit of RPing the PC's are hired to go after a crossbow of a assassin that is trying to kill the Prophet. They head off to the assassins hideout, only to find hired goons there. After a fight and hopeful some information gathering and a bit of RPing they are off again to a inn. At the inn they do some more investigation and RPing to find out more about the assassin. Eventually they go to a smith that supposedly made the weapon, this can be just RPing or end up into a fight depending on the PC's. At this point they head back with the crossbow where the Prophet is giving a speech and that’s where the plot twist comes in. I won't say what but it is neat and I think most players will like it. The last little bit is dealing with the sudden plot twist. It ends with half a page about the aftermath and advice on scaling the adventure, plus a a full page map of the area of the city.

It ends with a back cover and ad. (2 pages)

Closing thoughts. The art work is black and white and ok. Editing and layout was good. I don't have the first 4 parts yet or any of the follow up parts. So I don't know how well this ties in with the rest of the adventures in the series. It is a short, interesting urban adventure that has a good mix of combat, RPing and investigation. With a really nice plot twist at the end. I liked the adventure, my only real complaint is it was a bit too short, I would have liked for there to been a bit more to it. I might feel differently once I read the rest of the adventures in the series though. So what's my rating? For the price it is a nice quick adventure that can be run in the series or as a one shot. So I am giving it a 4.5, very good but could have used a little more to be great.

Trust me, I'm a Succubus.

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The Sinking: Ascension of the Prophet
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