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Mythic Babylon
Publisher: Design Mechanism
by Ian G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/26/2021 03:59:54

Mythic Babylon is a fantastic product.

I love that period of history and I was lucky enough to play-test the game with Paul Mitchener and could tell it was something special. My softback copy of the book has arrived and it is a thing of beauty.

The book is sizable without being unwieldy, the writing is crystal clear and really flows, and I adore the B&W illustrations (they are excquisite).

The product itself is a really in-depth (not overwhelming!) treatment of the most well-known slice of Babylonian history while imagining that the myths and mythology of the time are true too. That means the reader / GM / referee gets an immersive and full introduction to a fascinating setting - this is bronze age gaming at the very birth of cities and civilisation - neither coins or horses (jest) have been invented yet! The material is presented in a way that allows GMs to layer in how much authenticity they want - from a general vibe thru to the very intricacies of temple life - so groups will be able to dive as deep as they want in to what is a real but also deliciously alien way of life.

They game's default mode to play is going to provide for some very unique sessions and also some fantastic fantasy roleplaying opportunities. Skim off the mythology and you have a brilliant historical Swords & Sandals setting. Inject the mythos (as it is v compatible with CoC) and you have a really amazing dark swords & sorcery game.

All the Mythic Settings are fantastic, but I think this one really is the best of them all.

Mythic Babylon is peak historical fantasy gaming. I would heartily recomend everyone purchase - whether you want a great one shot / campaign, a fab and interesting read, or inspiration for any fantasy game of your choice.

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Mythic Babylon
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