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The Between $15.00
Publisher: The Gauntlet
by Stephanie J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/25/2021 12:57:36

I just love this game. My players love this game. I keep running this game overtime, three hours quickly becomes four, and we've almost played to five. I keep getting asked how this game is this good, this early on. Every part of the game contributes to the story. My favorite phrases are "The Day is yours, but the Night is mine." and "You are not allowed to tell me(or your fellow players) anything about your backstory unless you have a move to do so.". It's such a wild approach to have a very freeform player driven Day phase while a very intense gm driven Night phase. As well as having backstory insentivised through mechanical benefits.

Atmospherically I compare this game to a fine glass of wine, mature, sensual, and a required taste. It's intense, gorey, and honestly pretty sexy. Still it's very easy to adjust the game to your comfort level of how intense it gets. All threats have the same structure, and it does take you step by step as a gm how to create everything from scratch. It takes you by the hand for running session one; it practically runs itself while making you look like a genius in front of your players. If you have struggled with gming before, I would reccomend this game as at its core is an excellent resource for understanding how games work.

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The Between
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