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The Quiet Year $8.00
Publisher: Buried Without Ceremony
by Heath B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/14/2021 15:32:35

This is a great GM-less party game for a group of friends interested in worldbuilding and community-level storytelling. The mechanics can be grasped in minutes, and flow beautifully during play.

During your game, all players cooperate to build a "map" of a community in a rebuilding year between hardships. The calamity could be raiders that periodically invade and loot all wealth in the community, or some other problem. Drawing ability can be anything from stick-figure Pictionary-level to detailed naturalism; the drawing all about communicating ideas to each other visually, and their relationship to each other spatially on the map page.

I'd be very interested to play this game through as a "Session Zero" for a longer story game in a different system, using the finished map and events of this game as the basis for adventuring in a world the playgroup all created together.

Beautiful work!

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The Quiet Year
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