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Publisher: Chaosium
by Jerry E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2021 12:40:55

I spent a looong time resisting purchasing Company of the Dragon and it's predecessor Six Seasons in Sartar. Why i did this i may never know. Maybe it was some half-baked concerns about non-canon content. Maybe it was mild anxiety about product quality, relative to the uniformly awesome Chaosium output.

I can't even cite the 'i have no players' excuse. I do have an active group. (Bless them, they've put up with a lot. They're going to have to put up with more...)

Anyways, i finally took the plunge and really, the answer became apparent immediately. I am deeply stupid.

If you're reading this, you presumably are:

  • an RQ fan
  • thinking of investing in CotD

Stop. Don't. Think about it, that is. Just buy it. Now. Your future GM-self will love you for it.

It's beautifully imagined and fantastically well-written. A joy to read in fact. Tons of inspiration but, as other reviwers have also noted, it's got tips and tools that make the GM's life easier - never a bad thing as far as i'm converned.

The only thing i can think of that is in the slightest way negative, is that i'm unlikely to have the pleasure of playing it as a PC, but that's a small price to pay for what i know will be the great fun of seeing my time-worn friends who've basically spent real-life decades with their PCs scratching around trying to make a living, don the manyle of Heroes. Actual movers and shakers in Importnat Matters. Can't wait.

As soon as this is available as POD, i'll be buying it. It is a Thing of Greatness and Beauty.

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