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Cyberpunk RED $30.00
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Nicholas B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/29/2021 09:40:08

This was a difficult choice for me, because this game fixed all the things I disliked about Shadowrun, but is far from perfect. I would still wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who is an experienced roleplayer, or who likes the Cyberpunk setting, but there are serious issues with the design of the book and some of the decisions made regarding the publishing that tarnish its score. I really like the review another person posted with GBU, so I will be applying that.

The Good: Excellent setting, flexible rules, fast paced interesting combat. I am not experienced with 2020, but I will say that it is a smoother game than DnD, and I rarely have trouble keeping the attention of my players (always a nightmare whenever I try to play DnD). The system is good, and with adequite support over the next few years, will definitely be worth getting into.

The Bad: There is no sugar coating it, the layout of this book is atrocious. The index section is even worse. Finding any important rules is a nightmare of page flipping for entire table. The hyperlinks tend to be farely good on the pdf, bringing you to relevant sections, but if you don't know where to even start looking for the answer (and incredibly common problem with this layout, believe it or not), then you need to use the search feature of your PDF reader. Shocker, the search feature is just as useless because the book is filled with ridiculous amounts of lore.

I don't dislike lore, in fact I would probably read it if it wasn't randomely sprinkled over the entire book when I am trying to find important, time sensitive rules. If I crack open the book, I am either trying to read lore or learn the game, I should not have to dig to find either.

The layout issues are well documented in nearly every review I see, and while they don't cause as many issues in the PDF due to the hyperlinking and the search issues, but I would have to give my hard copy of the book 3 stars because of how frustratingly useless and expensive it was.

The Ugly: To be frank, this is mostly a personal problem, but I can see other people having this issue too. RTG is advertising Astral Tabletop here as a place to play Cyberpunk, even going as far as letting a screamsheet be released for free. This might make you think that RTG supports ATT as a way to play CPR. Guess what? It doesn't. There are 2 dozen posts on the forum requesting that the 10 or so NPCs in the book be imported into ATT, no response from the Publisher or ATT. I asked several times nicely on the RTG discord if they were looking into this. No response. I spent $100 on a yearly ATT membership because I thought that CPR was going to be supported, only to have to spend 8 or so hours of my life building those basic characters because the publisher can't be bothered, and because of the way ATT works, I have no way of giving anyone else access to those characters I made, either.

The character sheets are already set up which is nice, but that is all you will ever get. They better be worth the price of the ATT subscription.

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Cyberpunk RED
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