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Tomb of the Twilight Queen 5E $2.95
Publisher: M.T. Black Games
by Walter S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/26/2021 16:03:01

I played this adventure multiple times and each group of players have found it enjoyable and challenging. With an easy-to-read layout and great encounters, this adventure has found a place within my library that will be referred to for future one-shots or inspiration.

Breaking down what I liked or disliked into 3 parts: Layout, Maps and Encounters

  • Layout (4 stars): The layout for it is GM friendly and organizes key information in a simplified fashion, making it easy and quick to gather needed information. The style is a mixture of Old School meets D&D Adventure League. The artwork is basic but matches the black and white theme of the layout.
  • Maps (3 stars): Since I have moved 80% of my gaming over to VTT, having a detailed map is critical for my style of gameplay. You do get a digital map, but it misses out on the details and flavor that a full-color map can deliver.
  • Encounters (5 stars) : Many of the combat encounters can be challenging for the players, but easy enough to alter with recommended adjustments within the adventure. The traps in the adventure seemed to have been fully thought out and can make interesting gameplay.

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Tomb of the Twilight Queen 5E
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