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Kids on Brooms: Core Rulebook
Publisher: Hunters Entertainment
by Jonathan R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/22/2021 00:49:15

This game does have its pros.The design is lovely. The system is rules light, quick and easy, and manageable for young players. If you're playing with kids, I think this is a great purchase. That said, the overall content is lacking, and the product as a whole feels padded and riddled with blank space and editorialization. For example, this is a setting that lends itself to campaign play--it's essentially an unlicensed Harry Potter simulator, and those stories are structured around academic years. Who wants to sit down and play a single session of this? There's little guidance for longer play, no mechanism for advancement, etc. It reads like an unofficial Savage Worlds setting with less actual game and less world content. And--I have to say this--I support inclusivity in gaming, and I think the emergence of safety caveats at the outset of rulebooks is a positive thing, but Hunters has turned it into the Theatre of the Absurd.

TL:DR: way too little meat on the bone, frequently infantalizing, good for kids.

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Kids on Brooms: Core Rulebook
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