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Three Sixteen $10.00 $3.16
Publisher: BoxNinja
by Bane H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/23/2011 04:57:26

The Style: The cover art looks professional. The inside art is stylized but crude. It however captures the feel of the game. The quantity of the illustrations makes up for the quality, which is how I prefer than the other way around. They layout is clean and easy to read. The rules are explained clearly with plenty of examples. There are a lot of short flavor texts here and there. The preview of this pdf drew me in immediately.

The Content: This game does what it promises to do: a beer-and-pretzel game when you have nothing else to do. It could entertain your buddies for couple of hours, but that's about it. The rules looked really good on paper; after I finished reading it I couldn't wait to run it.

The Actual Game Play: I GMed 3:16 last weekend for the first time with 5 players. It took about 2.5 hours. The game was easy enough to get into. One player really enjoyed it, one hated it. Generally however, most of us didn't really care to play this game again, despite its character advancement system. Though the combat has some nifty mechanics, it seriously lacks variety. It got repetitive after the first encounter. By the time we reach the last encounter, most of us couldn't wait for it to be over.

This game has potential of being fun. It's got cool weapons, advancements, and different alien abilities/types, but I wished the game was more fun to play.

In conclusion, as far as the beer-and-pretzel game goes, it's just okay. I can think of better ones out there. There are a lot of fun games in print out there which cost less than this pdf. $10 for a beer-and-pretzel pdf game is too expensive.

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Three Sixteen
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