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Hobomancer $14.99
Publisher: Hex Games
by Steven K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/03/2021 15:48:38

This is an awesome book, brimming full of fresh roleplaying ideas to sink your nasty wooden hobo teeth into as you roll around in a filthy 1930s railyard. The rich setting is fleshed out pretty well for jumping in without anything feeling tedious or over-explained. The idea of "the songlines" sets up an appropriately fantastical trip by train through a magically corrupted dustbowl, populated by a healthy smattering of cool and unique monsters. I haven't gotten a chance to start playing yet but I'm impressed with how inspiring and fresh the setting is. Hobomancers do everything normal hobos do, plus they practice a special kind of hobo magic, and each PC also gets to choose from a nice list of special gimmicks and powers, as well as character weaknesses. The QAGS ruleset itself feels a little backwards at first but I imagine with time it gels nicely. A little bit more info on how the actual mechanics of the rolls would have been helpful, but Hex made the quickstart and the full QAGS2e rules free, so no compaints there. If you're itching for a break from classic fantasy or other common rpg tropes, take a swig on some bad hooch, throw on some Blind Willie Johnson, and enjoy Hobomancer.

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