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Kentaro´s Revenge - Cyberpunk RPG Adventure $14.99 $4.79
Publisher: Lion Banner Games
by Greg S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/16/2021 21:14:13

Kentaro's Revenge is an adventure where the players are hired by a former employee of Hikona Corporation that wants you to kill the 7 people responsible for their death. His family died when they received a cure for the virus that Hikona developed.

After reading the 73 page Kentaro's Revenge adventure and I have a few complaints. First, is that it does not talk about the player's compensation for assassinating 7 key people at a pharmaceutical corporation that Kentaro deems were responsible for his families death. I have a hard time believing that a guy borrowing money from a loan shark could come up with enough cash to pay the runners for the mission. I guess you have to assume he sold his house to come up with the money. It does not tell whether he pays 20% up front but that would be my ruling after reading the adventure.

I don't like that the author is trying to charge an additional $25 for the VTT maps of the different locations where you are to perform the hits. Small res versions are included in the adventure but they have labels that make it difficult to use with a virtual table top. They sell the VTT maps that go with the adventure separately, namely an augmentation clinic, a back alley, an executive office, lab, train station, and temple plaza. However, paying an additional $25 for maps that should be included an adventure is not worth it. It makes the total cost of the adventure $35 (I paid $9.99 during a sale) and NO ADVENTURE IS WORTH THAT PRICE!

The adventure has a large font too so even though it is 73 pages it would be a considerably less page count if the author used a smaller font. It’s a decent adventure but once Kentaro is kidnapped after the 3rd assassination, you could run into a problem of the player's stopping the mission as they can't get paid the remainder if he is dead, especially if he hid the balance of the money, which is what I would do. This was not covered either.

To handle this, I also came up with the idea that each of the players lost a loved one to the virus. Maybe they did not even know one another. Then the GM would not have to pay them and they would do it for revenge. While doing research on how to hit the corp responsible, they meet Kentaro who knows the ins and outs of the company as he use to work for them. You also meet the other runners who also want revenge through a fixer. This makes the players want to carry out the mission to completion after Kentaro is captured.

Some of the descriptions seem repetitive such as outrageous suit. What does that mean? You have to use your imagination and expand on it as it is very vague. It says outrageous a few times during descriptions.

The artwork for the adventure is gorgeous but there are 4 repetitive images that were used as full page and 1/3 page spreads. This also increased the page count and inflated it. Plus, there are two full page ads in the adventure too.

You could play this adventure easily using Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, Shadowrun Anarchy, Interface Zero, Zaibatsu, with a little work and even Neon City Overdrive -- which would be the easiest to use as this adventure and Neon City Overdrive both use tags for descriptions.

All in all, this is a solid adventure but I have to knock it a star for trying to charge extra money for maps of the key locations where hits are carried out. I think you and Lion Banner Games are smoking crack for thinking to pay an additional $25 for the VTT maps. They should have been included in the adventure.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for the thorough review Greg! Kentaro´s Revenge is the second adventure I have published and I am always looking for ways to improve my next adventures. What you have written is helpful. Thanks again.
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Kentaro´s Revenge - Cyberpunk RPG Adventure
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