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D100 Dungeon - The world of Terra (PDF 1) $6.85
Publisher: Martin Knight
by Daniel C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/03/2021 12:53:06

I love the lore based books. My game time is limited and I do enjoy sometimes reading these kinds of books to feel my need for imagiative settings and worlds.

The first thing I noticed after getting the book was the maps. They are real nice. They have an old world feel rather than a modern "super accurate" map. These fit the theme and style of the setting of d100 in my opinion. You get a complete world map plus one for each of the major contenents.

The time line is interesting, but to be honest I am having more fun reading throught the glossery. The author has built it with lots of interesting detales and references. I can see hwo this document will be a living document. As time and new products come out there could be new entries or enteries could be expanded.

If you are into background, world building, and game lore you will enjoy this book.

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D100 Dungeon - The world of Terra (PDF 1)
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