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Art of Wuxia Core Rules $19.99 $9.99
Publisher: DwD Studios
by Clayton D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/28/2021 11:52:25

Excellent product for running a Wuxia game, whether or not you use the included ruleset.

This product can be thought of as consisting of two parts: a thorough presentation of Wuxia genre, flavor, setting, and tropes, along with a lightweight system for running a game in this genre. I bought this product to add Wuxia flavor to an existing Dungeon World game, but it absolutely delivers as a system-neutral resource for those wanting run a game with Wuxia flavor.

I appreciate the author's tight presentation, clarity of vision, and good editing. Everything in here deepens the Wuxia flavor, anything else is thankfully left out. Even game-mechanical elements such as Qi Techniques (like martial arts moves) are infused with so much flavor that you can still use them even outside of the intended game system.

Particularly noteworthy is a section on the Wuxia genre and advice for the GM on how to infuse Wuxia into their game. This kind of specific, concrete advice on running a game is gold, valuable even for the experienced GM.

The included bestiary is excellent. It is specific, evocative, and includes more monster illustrations than I would expect in a product like this. This is probably where most of the art budget went and that's fine by me -- of all the art in an RPG book, the monster art has the biggest chance of being used at the table, in the game.

In conclusion, some of you may be in the same position as I was, wondering if this purchase price is worth it even if you're not planning on using the rules. I say it's absolutely worth it! Get it and thank me later :-)

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Art of Wuxia Core Rules
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