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Publisher: Flying Buffalo
by T A B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/01/2021 04:04:26

Have to say that I felt disappointed and more than a little misled upon discovering that this is not so much "a" solitaire adventure as it is a collection of mini-adventures.

The adventures themselves were mostly well-written and I enjoyed playing them - when I purchased Adventurers Compendium (AC), the collection of mini-solitaires (and GM adventures) originally published in Sorcerer's Apprentice. AC is also available here on DTRPG.

4 of the 6 adventures in this title are identical, or extremely similar (with some minor tweaks), to those published in AC.
The title adventure, 1 of 2 original (to me, at least) pieces, can only be reached through very specific, and limited, options from one or another of those 4. The final adventure, which can be reached directly, has some very confusing text within. What is "a L3SR on IQ against the base number of hits your armor takes"? There were a few passages that I had to simply ignore because I just couldn't understand the intent.

If you don't have Adventurer's Compendium and don't plan to get it, I would certainly recommend the adventures included here. As I said, they are mostly well-written and lots of fun!! However, I'd probably lean more to recommending AC since it has most of the same adventures in it, several others in addition, and a few GM adventures to boot.

More to the point though, be aware that 1) this is not one grand adventure, it is several smaller ones; and 2) if you do have and/or or have played most of the shorts in Adventurer's Compendium, the majority of the material in this title will not be new to you.


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Creator Reply:
I just want to add that over 50% of this solo has brand NEW material that was written especially for this book by Mike Stackpole and that the older adventures have been cleverly woven together in a very unique way. You enter a Library in Gull and different books in the Library can take you on different adventures. At the end of that adventure you reappear back in the Library (assuming you don't die).

Also unlike the Adventurer's Compendium, everything in this book has been updated by Ken St Andre for Deluxe T&T. On top of that Liz Danforth did about 20 BRAND NEW illustrations to do with Elvenlords. So it really is an entirely new take with the original version of Elvenlords as it basis.

To TA - I am sorry you were disappointed - we try hard to make cool things and not everything works for everybody.
Cheers - Steve

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Elven Lords Deluxe Edition T&T solo
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