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Grimbo Grotto - Christmas Farcical Horror Adventure Pay What You Want
Publisher: Goblin's Henchman
by Bob V. G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/21/2020 05:58:16

Last week I soloed my way through Grimbo Grotto. It is a fun d20 adventure available at DriveThruRPG for free/pay what you want. This adventure is for a dungeon master and several players. I used a solo engine I have been testing out to solo this adventure. The RPG system I used to play it was FinalDungeon (free at DriveThru). The adventure is four pages long. It includes one map, no stat blocks, and one chart. I did make some changes to the adventure. This is how I started it – Og was attending his transfiguration class with the rest of his classmates. He was trying to transform his piece of charcoal into a piece of black licorice. Instead, he created a licorice lich (12 inches high). It immediately sent him and five of his classmates to a pocket dimension. They were in a series of interconnecting caves with several exits to the outside (mountains/snow and they were not dressed for that). - -I randomly populated it with dungeon stuff, stuff from this Grimbo Grotto adventure, and my candy monsters (jawbreaker, daffy taffy, tootsie troll, jelly baby, gummy bear). And don’t forget the atomic fireball (trap – no radiation). My characters eventually found the licorice lich and Og took him out with a magic dual. This sent them back to the classroom. The adventure ended with the class eating the jelly baby which was stuck to Mog (long story and pretty gross). . Gave this a try! -

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Grimbo Grotto - Christmas Farcical Horror Adventure
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