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WAR | MAKER $4.99
by Mike M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/18/2020 10:25:27

WAR | MAKER is very aptly named, as it is geared towards the DIY and Maker crowd. Do not expect miniatures rules along the lines of Combined Arms from GDW. This is not that. These rules will allow you to run fun battles that are only limited by your imagination. Whether modern conflicts, or cowboys vs aliens, fantasy, it will allow you to imagineer whatever you want. With that flexibility comes the DIY part of the formula though, you will be customizing and house ruling things for the scenarios.

The book gives you three examples, and the organization of the rules is very logical. The layout is well done too. I saw a couple of typo's but they are nothing that will confuse you as to the intended meaning. The dice system, the pencil movement system, and the abilities list are very usable and fun. This is something you can get a newb up to speed on quickly and have some fun. This is not Advanced Squad Leader! There are plenty of miniatures wargame rulesets for that kind of simulation millieu. A beer and pretzel miniatures wargame ruleset is just what I needed. You absolutely could take a bag of the army men that come with both sides, or cowboys and indians, and play a fun and rowdy session.

I am only sad that I didn't spring for the hardbound and only bought the pdf... it is that cool. I kind of liken it to the wargamers Kobolds Ate My Baby. It can be a serious or silly as you want. I already have plans for a Wizard of Oz war with flying monkey cavalry and lolly pop dwarves that use lolly pops as warhammers.

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