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Publisher: Diceless by Design
by Douglas T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/29/2006 14:30:03

One of my all time favorite games, I was glad to be able to find it again here. Definitely for role players and not beginners, players will face enemies that could just be simply better than them, and no "lucky 20" rolls can save them here, but the right strategy playing to the players strengths are needed to prevail. Contacts and alliances with the established characters from the Zelazny books make for a rich background, and one of the best parts of gamemastering it is the players can have a very hard time telling who the "bad guy" in the adventure is, and if they figure it out, you can always make it into an even bigger plot by someone else to trick them into pursuing the wrong person.

The character creation is quick and easy, but allows for player creativity in learning new tricks as the characters progress, and I always found the players thinking up new uses for the basic powers that I never expected. All in all, one of the best and most imaginative role playing games I've ever seen

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