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Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Zachery N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2020 20:41:41

I really did enjoy Pugmire. I've played D&D twice in my life if you don't count the original Baulder's Gate. Both of those games were 20+ years ago and I was under mind altering substances at the time. The point I'm making is that I no almost nothing about the 5E/OGL system. It didn't matter, this book was written well and in a very helpful manner for beginners so I at no point felt lost.

The phone formatting makes it a lot easier to read on a mobile device compared to a book's normal pdf format. It's easy to use and is a great reference.

It has dogs. That's really the big seller hear to be honest. I've had plenty of opportunites to look into other 5E systems and haven't had any interest. Honestly I'm just not really into the mideviel fantasy setting. But tell me I can play a dog? Sold!

The author does a good job of presenting the material, be it by talking to the reader directly or through Princess Yosha Pug or Pan Dachsund and their helpful tips.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Pugmire Core Rulebook Phone PDF
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