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Forbidden Lands Core Game $24.99 $18.74
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Pedro H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/23/2020 10:53:54

Forbidden Lands is great complete game without adding to much complexity to the rules. The pushing dice mechanics allows for suspense and cinematic value. What I liked most is the solid rules for overland exploration, which can be also expanded for dungeon crawling, they are give sense to the character's skills and give them more to do than just slashbuckling around.

I only hope however that the Magic system is expanded in future editions, with more interesting effects and synergy with the exploration rules and dice mechanics.

As for the scenario, the Ravenlands is not my usual choice of setting. But the system can be easily adapted to other fantasy worlds, it can even work quite well with some kind of gritty Lord of the Rings IMO.

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Forbidden Lands Core Game
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