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Deep Where the Liche-Lord Lies - A Descent into Horror $8.00
Publisher: Tavernmaster Games
by Paul W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2020 14:40:42

This dungeon can form the backing for an entire campaign. It is ready for characters from level 1 to well, any. The setting and location is there, tension and purpose leading a beginning party into skirmish with the first level densens. Then comes the second level. They should probably go off and do something else before returning for the third level, same goes for the next level.

This dungeon is engaging, challenging, rewarding and a full set for a new or experienced dungeon master. It is great fun to run and my current campaign has the party battling at this again and again.

What will your characters do when they go Deep where the Lich-Lord lies.

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Deep Where the Liche-Lord Lies - A Descent into Horror
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