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Ponyfinder - Campaign Setting $19.99
Publisher: Silver Games LLC
by Elizabeth B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/31/2020 16:53:47

I was looking for a way to add ponies to dnd and I didn't like the ttrpg Hasbro had put out themselves so I got Ponyfinder to have the same feel as dnd.

The similarities to MLP are clear if you know what to look for and some of it was bound to happen since unicorns and pegasi are common in fiction already, but Ponyfinder makes all of it its own and adds many more pony types to the standard three.

Pro: The book has both pathfinder 1st ed and dnd 5e versions.

Con: It's easy to look at the wrong section even with the color coding.

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Ponyfinder - Campaign Setting
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