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Ryuutama : Natural Fantasy Roleplay
by Kuyler L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/24/2020 16:48:03

This is what brought me into the RPG fold. It's an accessible, fun game with broad appeal (my 5 and 8 year old daughters had a blast and my 40 year old friends enjoyed it too). The focus on relatable events (trying to cook, gather herbs, get a good deal on equipment, stay warm during a storm, avoiding injuries while climbing) made it a great introductory RPG. The presentation is generally logical and user friendly and the design, while I wish there was more art, is pleasant in its simplicity. I give this high marks. Despite moving on to DnD 5e, Gurps 4e, Cypher, and other RPGs I still pull this off the shelf from time to time and give it a go. If you are new to RPGs start here. If you are a veteran then discover something very different by trying this out. Ryuutama is a joy to experience.

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Ryuutama : Natural Fantasy Roleplay
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