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Players Handbook (1e) $9.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Kyle M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/08/2020 15:47:26

So this is referring to the Premium Hardcover version.

This is an almost perfect version of the 2012 Premium Edition, with its strengths and flaws intact. The OCR errors that have been discussed on Dragonsfoot are still here, despite being fixed in the PDF version and possibly in the standard POD. I would assume that if the change was made for the standard but not this likely due to the offset printing preparpation here, but I'd love to hear if the standard doesn't have these errors.

Error's listed at Dragonsfoot: Page 17: Halflings

"High resistance to magic spells, for every 3'/2" should read "for every 3 1/2" "See heat radiation variation at up to 607" should read "See heat radiation variation at up to 60 ft."

Page 17: Half Orcs

In the first paragraph, the bolded text - "ADVANCED DUNGEONS ft DRAGONS" should read "ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS" (The "FT" should be an "&")

Pg 26: Illusionist spell progression chart.

There should be no 5th level spell at level 9.

Page 36: Tack and Harness

"Barding, Plate 15 S.P." should read "Barding, Plate 500 G.P."

Page 37: Weight and Damage by Weapon type

"Axe, Battle: Damage to size L: 1-4" should read "Damage to Size L: 1-8"

Page 111: The minor devotion Reduction is listed as "Seduction".

Given I've seen versions with these errors go for quite a bit more in the original 2012 release, this is hardly a problem though it would have been nice to see this corrected. The other complaint common to the 2012 reprint is that the art cleanup work done was overly aggressive and removed some line details, but honestly I'd prefer this to how unpolished the art is in some scanned D&D Classics reprints. This is a pretty great set if you can be mindful of the errata.

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Players Handbook (1e)
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