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Savage Worlds Urban Chase Deck $3.99
Publisher: Happy Monster Press
by Mike C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/05/2020 02:57:53

The PDF has 16 cards with 16 unique urban chase complications. There's a companion deck you can buy separately for rural chases. Overall, I'm glad to have this to use, but based on this I won't buy the rural deck. It just feels average and this didn't raise the bar compared to other decks for Savage Worlds chases.

Ideas: There are 16 unique chase complications. Most are average (dodge the cart at -2 or be bumped), but I think any GM can bring them to life in a fun way. A couple are really fun and will spice up your chase.

Presentation: The art on each card is a unique, true, but the art is a really poor quality top-down 3D render view of streets and rooftops, and they seem the same. The typeface on the cards is something like bad handwriting, making you slow down to read them. If it weren't for the borders, you might be able to put down the cards to form an actual chase map of the area. I wish the art were more colorful or perhaps more bold and cartoonish.

The PDF has the card back on one page, the card face on the next page, and so forth. If you're going to print them at home this is going to be a lot more work to cut out. If you're going to upload to a VTT, you'll have to extract each card illustration and upload them. It might have been nice to get a folder full of PNGs. And they don't have rounded corners, so they won't look very good online.

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Savage Worlds Urban Chase Deck
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