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Publisher: Nerdy City
by William P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/28/2020 16:45:29

A throughly enjoyable game which let's you relive the 1980's or at least the 1980's as we imagined them. The game includes everything you need to start off a good game. You'll find plenty of inspiration. A simple system that let's you do most things you wanted. You have a fictional town to begin with and numerous unique plots and characters.

As to negatives it isn't a hard system so the gamemaster has to decide a lot on their own. This might bother people but it makes it all about the roleplay.

You might find stats for things like weapons and equipment lacking but I'm sure those are to come. You'll have to do all the work for most of your 1980's favorite tropes, but your observations of films and TV will give you a good idea.

Also the creators of the game while very talented are hardcore liberals. If that bothers you you might wish to take your funds elsewhere, but as far as just being a fun game it is to be enjoyed by people who value good roleplay.

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