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River in a Mountainous Landscape - I $3.45
Publisher: 3rd Supplement
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/13/2011 01:09:52

This first release in the “Plans ’n’ Places” series sets a high standard that I hope other installments will follow. The title describes the setting perfectly, but doesn't quite communicate the scope of the scene, which measures 1500' x 1500'! But you don't just get a map of this area; you also get the ability to overlay that map with 30' squares or hexes and/or elevation lines. In addition, 3rd Supplement provides four very nice elevation-view drawings of scenes within the larger scene, and two pages of log or notebook entries suggesting various plot hooks. Overall, a very useful supplement, and largely (with the exception of some of the notebook entries) genre-neutral. Sometimes the hyperlinks and interactive features don’t quite behave as expected; I was dumped back to the cover page several times when I thought clicks would generate other behaviors.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you very much, Christopher, for reviewing so promptly! Concerning the navigation, we revised the page header: Now, clicking on “River in a Mountainous Landscape” leads straight back to the main map (which makes perfect sense, now that we think about it:). Still, the backward button needs to be clicked twice – we puzzled over that one, but didn’t want to drop this function completely, because some users might prefer hiding the bookmarks. New version is uploaded. – Mia, 3rd Supplement.
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River in a Mountainous Landscape - I
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